Night Shade Bonus Scene

Daniella awoke to something moving over her body. The woven towel brushed her stomach delicately, both damp and warm, causing goosebumps to pucker along her skin. Then Greg’s lips followed, the heat of his mouth, the slickness of his tongue trailed over each bump making her  shiver and moan. 

Her eyes slid open to find Greg’s head dangerously close to her core, making it pulse in need. “What are you doing?” 

His gaze held hers for a moment before sliding over her entrance, dark and hungry. “I was just cleaning you up. Seems I made quite the mess.” 

Her skin heated at the memory and a fresh wave of wetness gathered between her thighs.

Greg’s eyes blazed. Dropping a kiss on her knee, he brought the towel between her legs, spreading them further, and wiped the junction slowly, getting closer and closer to her pussy. “I want to play with you,” he whispered.

“Play?” She rasped.

“Yes. You see…I want to know everything about you. Everything you like. I fear I may have become a little obsessed with your moans, the way your body writhes, the way you feel, your screams, and so I want to know everything.” He leaned forward, his thumb tracing her folds. “I want to take you higher, I want to feel your cream around my cock again.” 

She couldn’t speak, could barely breathe.

Greg dipped his finger inside of her, making her cry out. He trailed the digit up to her clit, circling the nub as he whispered. “Will you let me?”

“Yes.” Daniella hissed, her hips lifting in unabashed need.

“Get on all fours, baby.” 

She adjusted her position, and turned back to look at him. His eyes raked over her form and he let out a sound, a vibration that started in his chest and traveled over her body. It was a growl of pleasure, of damnation, and she felt it all the way down to her toes. 

Greg’s lips curled into a smile, his fangs bit into his lower lip and all she could think about was how badly she wanted them in her neck again. 

He shifted, grabbing the satin tie of her robe. “Close your eyes.” 

She did and a shiver coursed over her skin as she became hyper aware of him. Daniella listened as he moved from behind her, and then covered her eyes with the sash, tying it securely behind her head. Her nipples tightened and her hands curled into fists as anticipation raced through her. 

Greg’s touch was featherlight as it roamed the contours of her body. He caressed her skin down to the curve of her ass where he squeezed her flesh. 

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” He said, his voice husky and low.

She blushed. “Thank you—” 

Daniella gasped as Greg grabbed hold of her hips, and pulled her down. Something pointed brushed against her clit sending an arc of electricity through her body.

Greg inhaled, and the vacuum of air made her realize it was his nose. He sniffed her and she blushed again, but then he ran his tongue from her clit down to her folds and back up in long, sensuous licks and she was lost. She moaned, jerked her hips at the action and he chuckled beneath her. Greg did the motion again, then spread her folds and speared her with his tongue.  

He rolled the sides of his tongue and thrust it in and out of her pussy, making her cry out. Greg licked up, flicking her clit with his tongue before taking it in his mouth and sucking, hard. The action made her buck forward, lifting off his face enough for him to ram two fingers inside of her. 

Her moans grew louder as he ate her. Reaching behind her, she tried to touch him but he grabbed both of her wrists in his hand and held them behind her back, restricting her. The position forced her to tilt her hips against his mouth and surrender to him. She writhed on top of him, circling, sliding over his mouth and tongue, and his throaty moans urged her on.   

Without warning, he released her hands and smacked her ass. The sudden motion, combined with her new freedom, made her fall forward with a yelp. He grasped her thighs, helping to catch her fall until she planted her hands on the floor. Then he spread her legs wider and suddenly disappeared.

“Greg?” She panted.

“Shh, don’t worry I’m still here.” His body pressed against hers, his chest to her back, and he cupped her face. 

“Let me give you a taste.” Greg crushed his lips against hers and she moaned tasting his saliva, both of their orgasms on his tongue. Then she cried into his mouth as he rammed inside of her and filled her with his cock.

She fell forward from the surprise, catching her weight on her elbow, and he grabbed a hold of her, holding them both upright while he continued to pound, so slow, but so deep. His tongue tangled with hers as they moaned into one another’s mouths, and when he pulled away she could feel the beads of saliva connecting between them. 

“Fuck,” he groaned, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth before kissing down to his neck. “I could do this for days, for weeks.”

She moaned, tried to formulate words, but he trailed his fangs along her neck, causing her to gasp while he continued the same sinful pace. 

His voice dipped as he whispered into her ear. “I can’t get enough of you. I can never be full of you.” His fingers slid around her hips, down to her clit as he circled the bud.  

Her head dropped forward as pleasure coasted through her body. Sweat beaded along her skin and she leaned down, pressing her chest into the ground, the angle driving him deeper, allowing her to push back into his hips and hands harder, faster. 

Greg groaned, the hand on her hip sliding up her back, caressing her spine as it reached the back of her hair. “I wish you could see yourself right now. See how good you look taking my cock.” 

She bit her lip as that thought spurred another tendril of desire loose within her and her pussy grew wetter, hotter around him.

He gripped her hair, pulling her head back, tearing a moan from her lips. “The things you do to me, Daniella.” He moaned, and then his body fell down upon hers. The hairs of his chest, brushed her back, and she writhed, every inch of her body alive and desperate for his. 

He gripped her neck, and whispered in his ear. “You’ve changed me.” He moaned, slamming his hips into hers, making her cry out. “Your scent is in my nostrils, your taste in my mouth. Your heartbeat, it’s so loud.” Greg gripped her breast, twisting the nipple in his hand and she arched into his touch. 

“Your skin, your pussy, the way it grips me.” He moved faster, harder. “I’m gone, Ella. Completely consumed by you.” Greg surged forward, his thrusts powerful, brutal, unrestrained, and she loved every single second of it. 

Daniella clenched her fists around the rug, the fibers stroking her skin as Greg ground her body against it. He was so warm against her back. She felt every ripple of muscle, every stretch of his tendons as he buried himself inside of her over and over again and her body clenched to take him. 

Greg traced his tongue along her neck, and he pounded into her cunt like a wild man. All she could do was surrender to him, to the force of his thrusts, the ministrations on her clit. She trembled beneath him, turned her head into the rug to muffle her screams while saliva drooled from her mouth. 

Then his hand moved back to her throat. She turned her head and he captured her lips in a searing kiss before he moaned her name. “Fill my ears with your screams baby, give that to me. Let me see you come undone for me. Give me your cream.” 

She broke apart. The orgasm had her clenching her toes as it soared up her body. Her pussy fluttered around his cock, but it wasn’t enough for him. She was still flying, still meeting heavenly bliss when he pulled her up. Greg grabbed a hold of her arms, forced them behind her back and thrust so hard she lost all sense of reason. There was only him, only this, only him taking control of her entire being. His squeezed her throat again before his fangs slid into her neck and she slipped into madness.

Daniella bucked against his hips as he hit her g-spot. Tears ran down her face, the wetness leaking down her chin as he continued to take her. 

“Mine. All fucking mine!” He growled.  

She tilted her head to the side, and his next bite was deeper, harder, and she came again. She came so hard cream dripped from her pussy down between their thighs. Greg’s hands left her arms, grabbing her hips as he buried himself deep. Then he was coming, roaring as filled her, as he clung to her, curved her body into his so she would be forced to take every drop of him. And she did, she wanted to, begged him, pleaded in her mindlessness for him not to stop, wiggled her hips to force him deeper until he was spent. 


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