Night Shade Deleted Scene

For the first time in what felt like days, when Daniella opened her eyes, she saw light. Between the whirlwind of yesterday and the early morning, she was exhausted. 

She groaned against the sun’s intrusion and closed her eyes again, planning to fall back asleep against the warm body beside her. Unfortunately for the both of them, that delectable body was missing. 

She frowned at the disturbance of his absent form, and got up, planning to express her complaint to Greg once she found him. Daniella searched for him, checking the next few rooms. Soft banging and the mouth-watering scent of bacon drew her to the left. She loved Greg. She really did. But there was something about watching him move around the stove, shirtless, the muscles of his tan skin rolling as he flipped her favorite maple sugar bacon. It brought forth a hunger that had nothing to do with food.

He tilted his head to the side, turning as she approached with a cocky grin, while lifting several strips out of the pan. “I never knew food could turn you on.”

She should have been embarrassed that his vampire senses gave her away. But she was too hungry, sleepy, and now horny, to care. “It’s not the food.”

Before she could blink, he lifted her and placed her on the counter. Greg settled himself between her legs. The contrast of the cold surface and his warm body made her shiver, and then his lips were on hers. 

She moaned, wove her hands around him and into his hair, grasping at the strands to keep him firmly pressed against her. He answered her call by pulling her hips closer, and she sighed in delight. The motion opened her mouth to his. He slipped his tongue inside, once, twice, teasing her until she followed him back,  then they intertwined with one another, dancing in passion and desire.

When he pulled away, she was panting. He chuckled, but his voice was low, his laugh breathless. 

Greg grabbed a bacon strip and held it in front of her mouth. She allowed him to feed it to her and couldn’t resist giving his finger a soft lick in thanks.

His eyes darkened, but a loud pop interrupted the moment. Greg dropped a kiss on her head, before turning to check the bacon. “Good morning to you too, love.”

Daniella’s eyes widened at the endearment. She stared at his back, watching his muscles stretch and release as he moved about, pouring pancake batter into a pan. “You’ve never called me that before.” She whispered.

“Does it bother you?”

“He’s hiding.” The voices were internal now. She still hadn’t told Greg about them, only because she wasn’t sure how to put it into words, but in moments like this, it was useful. 

Jumping from the counter, she came to his side and placed her hand on his arm, giving it a soft squeeze. “It doesn’t bother me. I like it.”

“Then I’ll do it more often.”

Daniella stood on her tiptoes and kiss his cheek. He gave her a blissful smile that pulled at her soul, making her feel light, joyful, exuberant. “Do I have enough time to take a shower before the pancakes are done?”

“Mm,” he tapped his chin, “I suppose. But you should be quick. I can’t guarantee I won’t eat them if you’re gone for too long.”

“Does food even satisfy a vampire’s hunger?”

“No, but I make great pancakes and I’m not against eating them all.”

“Well, I’ve got some cake you can try instead.” She giggled and spun, smacking her ass cheeks hard enough to make them shake.

His warning growl made her dash toward the door, laughing all the way upstairs.

* * *

The state of the room shocked Daniella. In less than a few hours, Greg had repaired most of the broken items. 

I suppose being a vampire comes in handy for these types of things. 

Other than a few dents in the honey wood furniture, the room seemed as good as new. The floor was clean, no hint of debris, and the window replaced. He had even hung soft pink and cream curtains. 

Several articles of her clothing hung in the closet, enough to keep her comfortable for a week if not two, and within the bathroom she’d found all her necessary toiletries, including her rose scented body wash and her exfoliating luffa.

Things weren’t perfect. She knew that. If it were anyone else, she would have never given them a second chance. Trust was not something she gave easily. Her upbringing had made sure of that, and knowing that Greg lied to her, hurt. But he was trying, and it was clear he was trying hard, even before she’d discovered the truth. If it weren’t for that, things would have been different. But if he were willing to meet her halfway, then she was willing to do her best, too.

She sighed. Who was she kidding? She’d been half in love with the man from the start, and breaking down this last barrier made her feel like she was flying. This was an entirely different side of Greg, one that she craved desperately. It made her feel at home, and that was dangerous. She had to stay objective.

The eyes staring back at her from the mirror told her that ship had sailed. She was in too deep, had always been, and she couldn’t imagine feeling any different. All she could do was try to be honest, even if her heart had already betrayed her head.

She took a shower and donned a white blouse, which she half tucked into a pair of light-colored jean shorts, Daniella made her way back downstairs and waded into the kitchen. 

“Is it safe to come in?” 

Greg sat on a barstool eating a raspberry. He gave her a slow once over and when he met her eyes, he grinned. “I think I can behave, for now.”

She took a seat on the barstool beside him, grabbing a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. “This was really sweet of you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He kissed her temple, and then took a bite.

Looking around the kitchen, she tilted her head. “Where do you keep the blood?”

He choked, coughing as he tried to swallow, hitting his chest with a fist. 

She patted his back as he took a large gulp of water. “Are you okay?”

“Ella, what did you just ask me?”

“Well, you did all of this for me, but it doesn’t really nourish you in the same way. So, I thought the least I could do was get you something that would. Aren’t you hungry or—”

He cut her off by tucking her hair behind her ear, his fingers lingering on her neck. “Oh, I’m hungry all right, but you mentioning blood right now is not the best idea. I’m a little too close to taking it as an invitation.”

Her skin heated at the thought. This was not the first time she’d wondered what feeding him would feel like.

His phone rang, and with a sigh, he answered.

Daniella turned back to her meal, trying her best not to listen to the conversation.

After a few quick words, Greg ended the call. “That was Astrid. She’s the person who can help you understand your new abilities. She said we can meet her at 11:00. Let me go get ready and then we can head out.”

Daniella nodded. “Thank you again for your help.”

“You’re welcome, and Ella?”

She tilted her head to acknowledge him, only to be stopped as he settled behind her. The warmth of his chest radiated through her thin blouse and against her back.

His arm came to rest beside her on the counter, while his fingers curled around her hip.

“Stop teasing me.” He whispered, his lips brushing against her ear with every word. “I only have so much restraint.” With a squeeze of her hip, he let go and walked out of the kitchen.

She bit her lip and then she smiled mischievously. I look forward to breaking it.


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