Dear Writer, You Need to Quit by Becca Syme

Dear Writer, You Need to Quit by Becca Syme

This book was a huge eye opener. I heard someone say once, that therapy is where you go to find out what's wrong with you, and coaching is where you go to find out what you're doing right. This book definitely embodied that.

Becca is very honest, very blunt, and it makes you open your eyes to what you may have been missing. The examples she gives of writers she's coached and what reality checks they needed resonated with me.

I had to read this book over several months because of all the great information there. There's so many questions in this book that make you come to some real, hard, truths, about yourself, and I think sometimes you need that. I still have so much to dive through from this book, so many questions to ask myself, and I'm doing that little by little, but I will definitely pick up the rest of Becca's collection and I hope to one day have a coaching session with her. That's how much this book meant to me, and how much it won me over as a reader.

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