Kicking Off October with a Bang: My Favorite Movie of the Year

Kicking Off October with a Bang: My Favorite Movie of the Year

October is my favorite month. I love the paranormal and supernatural, so every October I kick back, light a candle, and watch an array of scary movies (normally zombie) and shows. 

I started the month off a little differently this time. We watched Bullet Train. It was hysterical! We were in shock, cringing, laughing, and having a great time. I'd have to say it was my favorite movie I've watched this year! If you don't mind a lot of violence and a really interesting play on irony, fate, and luck, with a bunch of really big actors, and a lot of twists and turns, check it out!

I then watched Beautiful Creatures.

I watch the movie every year because I love the way Lena casts magic. It's so similar to how I picture Daniella casting magic in Night Shade. There's no chanting, no conjuring, just pure magic, and the way that it can be uncontrollable at times is something Daniella goes through as well. And I absolutely love the war between good and evil.

I have to say the dinner scene is one of my favorites, as is the tornado scene.

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