My goal for Night Fall

In every book I write, I always have something I'm trying to accomplish, and it's not the typical, "I want this book to sell" or "I want readers to love this book". This is an internal need. Something that I keep with me while I'm writing. It's what helps me to know I'm going in the right direction and when the story is finished.⁠

For Mya's book, it's respect. A respect and homage to her character. If you've read the Chronicles of The Otherworld series so far, you know she hasn't had the easiest life. Her grief, turmoil, and the horrors she's suffered has turned her into someone who's easy to hate. She's not a bad person, but she's gruff, the kindness in her slightly cut away by all of her pain and agony.⁠

I've always felt that each of my characters deserve their happy ever after, but none more so than Mya. So as I write Night Fall, that's my goal. To pay homage and respect to her character, to let her own her toughness, feel safe enough to share her vulnerabilities, and to come out happy in the end.⁠

How much will she have to go through to get there? Well, that's the question.⁠
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