Night Fury is on Kindle Vella

Night Fury is on Kindle Vella

Kindle Vella is Amazon's platform for serialized stories. It's very similar to Radish, Wattpad, Webnovel, etc.

I decided to add Night Fury onto Kindle Vella for two reasons. The first is to provide the story to people who like serialized stories. I'm one of them, and I love opening up the apps I use every day to find a new episode to gobble up.

The second reason is to get the story out there early to people. The Kindle Vella version of Night Fury will not replace the eBook version which is currently on Amazon as a pre-order. This will just enable me to post as I write, and those who can't wait to read the book (thank you!) and like the serialized format to enjoy it while I finish up the entire manuscript and eBook.

Read Night Fury on Kindle Vella here:

Pre-Order Night Fury here:


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