Welcome To The Otherworld

The Otherworld is for Immortals. Beings here range from humanlike to more animalistic, and live in secret from The Natural World. Some Immortals wish to challenge the laws which state they need to stay hidden from humans, while others fight to uphold the balance.

Each interlinked part of the series features a different immortal species. Each book also features a different couple and will always end with an HEA. Whether you start at the beginning for the best reader experience, or choose to start with your favorite immortal species, you are going to be in for a very good time!

Part I: The Vampire War

The Novak Family runs the largest vampire circle in the Northeastern United States. They take responsibility for every life in their care—regardless of the species—and have done an excellent job keeping themselves under the radar from The Natural World. But when the ongoing vampire war begins to swing into the enemies favor, will they still be able to protect their kind and keep their fated mates safe?