Discord: What is it?

Discord is a voice, video, and text app built for chatting. Each Discord server functions as a community surrounding one specific topic. There's plenty of things to do in a Discord server from listening to music, organizing a book club or buddy read session, watching movies and even playing games together. The possiblities are endless.

Why did you choose Discord?

I've never liked social media. Even when I was a kid, and when I decided to become an author I sat myself down and had a very long talk about my feelings toward social media. At the end, I told myself that I'd have to reconcile my dislike of the apps and find one I enjoyed the most to engage with readers on.

At first that was TikTok because it was all the rage. But I got burnt out because that wasn't truly me. I closed all of my accounts and focused on Instagram where I could share different things that I enjoyed instead of just promoting my books. That's what I don't like about social media, someone is always trying to sell you something. Someone is always talking to you, instead of with you, and for me, that feels empty.

Social media accounts can also disappear in an instant. That's why authors try to get you to sign up for their newsletter, so if something happens they have a way to still reach you, but I wanted something more. I wanted a community, a fun place to hang out and talk about books we love. That's what this Discord server is about.

What can I expect if I join the server?

Honestly, whatever your heart desires.

Right now there's:

  • A Writer's Hub where authors of all kinds can hang out, share information, network, and connect.
  • An extensive reader's area with book chats, new release information, recommendations and reviews, chats to connect with authors, and a place to get advice on what your next read should be.
  • Individual sections for all genres both fiction and nonfiction.
  • A place to relax your mind, vent, share positive quotes, good news, and ask for advice.
  • Buddy read events and somewhere to share your reading goals.