Patreon: What is it?

Patreon is a subscription platform that creators can use to reach their fans in a whole new way! It allows me to share new, exclusive, behind the scenes content, work in progress updates, unedited teasers, early releases of books, special editions, and a lot of other fun things! It's a way for me to share a little more, in a private setting and best of all you get to leave feedback, answer questions and polls which will help shape future books!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, check out the tiers below for more information!

  • Tips With Love

    Donating to this tier supports my herbal tea and cupcake needs to power through my next book!

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  • Secrets and Books

    Behind The Scenes | Work In Progress Updates | Patreon Only Discussions | Post Archive | Early Release of EBooks

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  • In This Together

    All items from Secrets and Books and:

    Patreon Only Q&A | Patreon exclusive voting power | 20% Off Merch

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  • Author Advice

    Author Q&A | Author Discussions

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