Melissa Cummins

Melissa Cummins

Ready to immerse yourself in steaming hot paranormal and monster romance?

Coming Soon

Crowned In Blood: A Dark Age Gap Mafia Romance

Coming: Spring 2024

Official blurb, cover, and release date TBD.

They thought she was a pawn, but she’ll show them she’s a queen.

Catalina thought she finally escaped her life as a senator’s daughter. But when she’s forced to marry a ruthless mafia boss who traffics children, she murders him on their wedding night and vows to never let another man control her again.

The empire belongs to her now, and she’ll use every ounce of power she has to save the children her late husband sold—even if that means entering an alliance with her alluring and frustrating rival, Marco.

From the moment Marco saw Catalina, he knew she was meant to become his queen. She’s capable, ruthless, deadly and this bargain gives him exactly what he wants—an opportunity to grow close to her. He’ll test her with every subtle touch, stalk her until he knows every move, and he’ll use it all to win her heart—no matter how unwilling she is to give it.

But disrupting the trafficking business has dangerous consequences. A war is brewing and Catalina is torn between her duty to her family, and the all-consuming feelings she has for Marco. Can she protect them both, or will her new life become nothing more than ashes and blood?

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My Brutal Beast

I’ve been captured by a monster…and I just might let him keep me.

I would wage wars, burn the world to ash, and sacrifice my life all to have her like this. She is my Helen of Troy, my weakness and salvation.

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