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Melissa Cummins

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Crowned In Blood: A Dark Age Gap Mafia Romance

Coming: Summer/Fall 2024

Official blurb, cover, and release date TBD.

He’s determined to make her his—she’d prefer to shoot him instead.

Life has never been easy for Catalina. Now, the crime empire she ripped from her dead husband’s hands is on the brink of ruin and she refuses to let it perish. To survive, she must form new connections to replace the ones determined to bring her to her knees. But only one man has what she needs: Marco.

A man as ruthless as the husband she killed.
A man as handsome as the devil and just as trustworthy.

Marco sees Catalina for exactly what she is. A woman who is capable, ruthless, deadly, and meant to be his queen. Entering into a bargain with her will give him exactly what he wants most—access. He will test her, stalk her, and possess her, until she’s begging him for more.

Catalina refuses to ever be controlled. With the entire New York City underworld ready to go to war, she won’t hesitate to toss Marco into the fire. But in this game of cat and mouse, there can only be one winner. And he will do anything to make sure it’s him.

Latest Release

My Brutal Beast

I’ve been captured by a monster…and I just might let him keep me.

I would wage wars, burn the world to ash, and sacrifice my life all to have her like this. She is my Helen of Troy, my weakness and salvation.

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