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Chronicles of The Otherworld: The Vampire War Series

Falling in love is hard enough, but for these three fated mates? It’s life-threatening.

When their fated mates become the enemy’s target, The Novaks will stop at nothing to keep them safe. But these strong, badass women have a mind of their own, and they’re not going down without a fight, even if it’s the fight of their lives.


Book 1: Night Shade
Book 2: Night Fury
Book 3: Night Fall

Chronicles of The Otherworld: Feral Wolves Series

This Dark Omegaverse Standalone series will be coming soon in Fall of 2025!


Each book will be a standalone and completely independent of the rest. However, some of the couples will appear in later books briefly. To not be spoiled of who ends up with whom, read them in this order:

Book 1: Carnal Claim
Book 2: Bitten To Obey
Book 3: Primal Hunger
Book 4: Savage Embrace