Night Shade Is Live, Read It Here
Night Shade Is Live, Read It Here

Night Shade Is Live, Read It Here

Daniella’s ordinary life falls apart when she learns the truth about Gregori—and herself.

For four years, Daniella has been secretly in love with her close friend and boss, Gregori. His charming yet mysterious persona intoxicates her, and though giving into their magnetic chemistry could ignite flames that consume them both, she has resisted—until now.

When a sinister enemy targets Daniella, Gregori is forced to reveal his true nature. He\’s a vampire, part of a world Daniella never imagined existed, and she is his fated mate.

An age-old vampire war is brewing, and Daniella must embrace her own gifts and decide if she’s willing to stand by Gregori’s side. She can have a life and build a home with him in The Otherworld, but how can she forgive a man who has lied to her for so long?

To love Gregori is to be tossed into a world of dangerous secrets and enemies from which there may be no escape. Will their passionate bond endure, or will sinister forces beyond her comprehension tear them apart?


  • Strong human witch
  • Billionaire, CEO boss
  • Vampires
  • Dark Secrets Keeps Them Apart
  • Fated Mates
  • Friends To Lovers
  • Morally Gray Couple
  • Touch her/him and die

Content & Trigger Warnings

This story contains mentions of physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse, drug use, suicide, violence, explicit language, sexually explicit scenes, and blood drinking.

There is also one magical dub-con scene in the first chapter.

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