Night Fury is now live!
Night Fury is now live!

Night Fury is now live!

An ageless evil thirsts for blood and vengeance.

Luke has endured for centuries as a vampire. But nothing could prepare him to lose Johanna—his fated mortal mate—to the vampire war.

Johanna has protected Luke from the shadows, while captive to an enemy whose punishment knows no mercy. Forced to betray Luke in ways he will never see coming, she’s scarred and broken.

Luke won’t rest until Johanna is safe in his arms. But will unearthing the truth about her betrayal destroy them first? And if Luke finds Johanna in time, will she still be the woman he lost—or the monster she’s been forced to become?


  • Curvy Girl, scarred, human witch
  • Billionaire, possessive vampire
  • Fated Mates
  • Hurt/Care
  • Kidnapped and tortured
  • Amnesia
  • Morally gray couple
  • Touch her/him and die

Content & Trigger Warnings

Content Warnings: Physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse, including rape and sexual harassment, suicidal thoughts, extreme violence, murder, death, torture, explicit language, and sexually explicit scenes. 

This book also heavily discusses negative self-talk, feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy, criticism, depression, PTSD, manipulation, trauma, amnesia, and therapy.

The following kinks have also been included in this work: agoraphilia, begging, breeding, praise, primal, Dom/Brat behavior, breath play, spanking, and blood drinking.

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