My 2024 Plans
My 2024 Plans

My 2024 Plans

Happy New Year!

Honestly, I’ve never felt like the new year started on January 1st. After doing some research online, I found out there’s plenty of Eastern cultures where the new year isn’t celebrated on January 1st, but according to their calendar or belief system. Quite a few cultures actually celebrate the new year in March, which is what I’ve always felt is more of a new year. Moving out of America means I’ve been able to look at a lot of things I do and ask myself if I still want to continue them. Here in Egypt, January 1st is considered a holiday, but many Egyptians do not celebrate that day as the start of the new year, and I think I’ll be following suit.

Those thoughts really align with my word for the year, which is “Assess“. There’s so many things I want to look at in myself and ask if they really align with who I am as a person. Are these habits that I want to keep, or things I just adopted while in survival mode? Are these systems that actually work for me, or what everyone preaches? Do these things bring me the most joy and happiness? Do they connect to the life I want to live and the person I want to become? Some of that means addressing fears and doubts I’ve had within publishing, and some of that is just being resistant. A lot of the publishing plans I have for 2024 make me feel uncertain. Their niches I haven’t published in before, or things I haven’t done before. But I like to challenge myself. Challenges teach me what I want, and regardless of how they go, they help me get to what’s best for me.

So here’s what I’m challenging myself with for 2024:

  1. Run a Kickstarter campaign for The Vampire War special editions
  2. Publish Crowned In Blood
  3. Write another Beauty & The Beast retelling novella like My Brutal Beast and publish it in the fall
  4. Start writing book 4 of Chronicles of The Otherworld

If you had to come up with one word for 2024, what would it be?

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