End of The Year Recap
End of The Year Recap

End of The Year Recap

This has been such an incredible and busy year! At the start of the year I promised myself that I would do away with deadlines, try to minimize the pressure to publish by a certain time, work to remove the feeling that I was running out of time, and remind myself that this is something I choose to do. I don’t have to write, no one has to do anything. But I choose it, everyday, and I choose to publish everyday. Being an author is a blessing and an opportunity for additional blessings, and as I look at everything I’ve accomplished as an author this year I can say that’s definitely true.

This year I:
– Published Night Fall
– Reopened and Revamped my Facebook Group
– Reopened subscriptions
– Wrote and Published My Brutal Beast
– Released an exclusive compilation of poetry and literary fiction poetry on Ream
– Began my serialization journey and signed with eGlobal
– Got the most preorders I’ve ever gotten in my author career
– Got the most sales and orders I’ve ever gotten in the history of my author career
– Did a complete rebrand of my logo, business, and online identity
– Launched new ebook and paperback covers for Night Shade, Night Fury, and Nigh Fall
– Hired an incredible PA
– Setup my awesome website with detailed landing pages
– Revamped and simplified the store, and made direct selling my focus
– Worked really hard on my mindset
– Published The Vampire War
– Grew my ARC team
– Started a super special project that I’ve been dying to write since last year

There’s so many things I’m grateful for, my readers, my PA, and my author friends. But I’m also really grateful to myself for being willing to take a chance on this journey and having the courage to keep going. Here’s to next year!

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