The reason why I decided to run a Kickstarter
The reason why I decided to run a Kickstarter

The reason why I decided to run a Kickstarter

For about a year, I wanted to produce The Vampire War Omnibus. The individual titles have been out since January 2023, but I wanted a consolidated version for those who had read the story out of order, wanted it as a collection (like me), or wanted the additional bonus content on their devices/in physical copies. However, what I was the most excited for was the artwork.

I wanted a fresh, brand new cover for the omnibus, and I really wanted to do interior artwork for the story. I knew it would create the perfect experience and really bring the books to life, but I also knew it would be a huge effort. My idea—and what I’ve been working on—was to create either chapter headings or illustrations for most of the chapters within the omnibus (there’s sixty-two of them). That means thinking about what scenes to illustrate, why, what to put in where, planning out how it’s going to look, what the characters would look like in those scenes, and so on.

Whenever I start a new project of this caliber, it takes away time from writing. The last time something like this happened was when I was writing My Brutal Beast and needed to rebrand my entire business including all of my covers, I had to put writing to the side until the rebrand was complete which took almost four months. 

This is why I chose Kickstarter. It gives me a way to see how much people truly want this project, the price point I can charge to make this work feasible, and how successful it can be before I dedicate too much time when it could be better served elsewhere. 

I’ve gotten so much support for the Kickstarter already and I’m so nervous excited! February 20th is the official launch day, and I will be doing Early Bird Perks with a discount for the first 48 hours. I still have a lot of work to do before the end of the month, but after finalizing some of these images, I definitely think it’s worth it, and I truly hope you do too!

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