My Brutal Beast is live!
My Brutal Beast is live!

My Brutal Beast is live!

“I never imagined anything could be so powerful and potent. I would wage wars, burn the world to ash, and sacrifice my life all to have her like this. She is my Helen of Troy, my weakness and salvation.”

✨ My Brutal Beast is Now Live across all retailers! ✨

You’ll love My Brutal Beast if you enjoy:

🌹 OTT morally gray monster
🌹 He falls first
🌹 Height difference
🌹 Beauty & Beast vibes
🌹 Touch her and ☠️
🌹 Curvy Girl
🌹 Kidnapped
🌹 Instalove
🌹 Instalust
🌹 Virgin Hero
🌹 Read from start to finish in two hours or less

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